Links (read: cookies)

Today’s links are mostly for holiday cookie recipes.

Most of the cookies I”m looking at right now are of German origin. I spent Christmas there two years ago and it had a huge impact. Cookies include spritzgebäck, lebkuchen and vanille kipferl in German and in English

Also Martha Stewarts chocolate fudge recipe

Two recipes for New Orleans pralines, one traditional and one in the microwave

A recipe for petit fours

And a list of advice for selling cards in brick and mortar shops


Links (are weirdly relaxing)

What I’m reading

This recipe for homemade phyllo dough because I like to do extra work when I’m anxious (if it’s baking), it calms me down

This recipe for chocolate cake in an orange on a campfire, because why not really

This photo of a reindeer because I’m using for reference on my last holiday card (did you know that reindeers’ eyes change colors with the seasons apparently?!?)

This recipe for cranberry nut bread (called cranberry nut farm in my family for reasons I have yet to discover) because my father isn’t answering with our recipe and this one looks the closest (as opposed to one with orange juice, a vegan one with no nuts or the banana bread one my mum wants me to make)

Even More Links

Humanae is a project by Brasilian Artist Angèlica Dass matching Pantone to skin tones in portraits. I’m using it as a reference for my skin tone studies in watercolor.

I read a list of french onion soup recipes this morning and my favorites were french onion grilled cheese, french onion sticks and no stock french onion soup.

I’m also watching this video of Yulia Lipnitskaya for inspiration on a watercolor I’m working on.