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Links of the day

 “poeTry” (poetry on the T)
Starting a new new journal
Ellis Island passenger log names
Betsy Mccall scans



Today I have lots of cake recipes. I’m also working on pysanky for Christmas (and Hanukkah) gifts. Hopefully I’ll add some picture later this week. Tonight I’m going to see the traditional nativity play at my old school. There’s a potluck after so that’s where all the cake comes in.

Cake Links
“Smart” Cake is a cake that separates itself into three layers while baking
This condensed milk cake only has 5 ingredients and has translations in German and Arabic
This white sheet cake is what I made today with a few modifications (such as cinnamon)
And I modified this quick “caramel” frosting to go with it
This amaretti cookie and raspberry cake is on my to bake list

Non-cake Links
I want to make this recipe for Black Russian Bagels
I think this recipe for scones is where my left over cranberries will be going


I’m in a very weird mood today so I’m making pie and thumb-nailing my children’s book idea.

Pie Links:
Cranberry pie recipe that I really want to try
Pie focused Pinterest board (that is not mine) for inspiration
Vinegar pie recipe
Gorgeous vine crust pie design
Tartlete shell instructions (in Italian)
Two lists of pie crust beautification tips, one on Buzzfeed and on It’s Written on The Wall

Non Pie Links:
List of New England mammals
‘Sibley’s’ Guides website
List of places to get pysanky supplies in the USA