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I have a job interview which I got based on the merits of my dubious limerick writing skills.

Egg “Recipes”

I’ve been thinking about breakfast because whenever I go back to living without a dining hall immediately available, breakfast is always a bit of a struggle in the midst of the chaos.  

These are three recipes (recipes in the loosest sense of the word) that I make often. They all use eggs because protein is what I look for in a meal (especially breakfast) and I don’t have a nice enough blender to make smoothies. They all try to get as much protein with as little effort and cost as possible. The first is a quick version of something I’ve always called eggy-weggy

You’ll need:

  • At least one egg (more if you want)
  • Some bread (anything will do including stale)
  • Some cheese (optional)
  • Anything else you want to add like veggies or meat, leftovers work great here (optional)

The process of making it is pretty easy. You either cut or tear the bread into pieces and put it in a pan. You can add fat here but you don’t have to if the pan is non-stick/cast iron. You toast the bread and then you add the veggies or meat if you’re using them. Then you break the eggs, stir once or twice, drop in the cheese and let it cook until the eggs are done. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes if your veggies/meat is already cooked

You can also make it in the microwave. Just throw all the ingredients into a microwave safe dish and stir a couple times before cooking. I like to toast the bread if I’m going to microwave it (and I have time) but you definitely don’t have to.

If you’re trying to stretch the amount of eggs you have, you can also add some cottage cheese or greek yogurt or sour cream with the eggs and use more bread.

The next is a version of grilled cheese

You’ll need

  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Cheese that will melt
  • Optional additions include caramelized onions and mustard

Beat the eggs (you can thin them out with a little water or milk to make them last longer) and put the bread in like you’re making french toast. Cook your savory french toast and when it’s done add the cheese and any toppings. Proceed like a normal grilled cheese.

The last is barely a recipe but when I need to get some protein fast, I’ll throw an egg into a bowl of oatmeal, mix it in and microwave it.