Another month has disappeared and suddenly it is April. It’s hard to believe how fast everything is moving when every day seems to stretch on forever. Tonight I’m taking one of my friends out to dinner to celebrate her graduation. It is raining right now, and snow is in the forecast next week but I can almost feel the ground coming back to life. Spring is close.


I made these mini lemon cakes for my mum and they were a big hit

Plus mug cake for me, this is the best vanilla mug cake I’ve ever made, it’s delicious with a little lemon curd

How can you not love the east coast when they make desserts like this

I’m reading the Tiger’s Wife for my lit class and it’s beautiful 

My new style Pinterest board

If you haven’t watched Numb3rs, you probably should

Poem of the week will follow, it is poetry month after all 🙂