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By this point, I feel like you’ve probably heard my visa story. My friend know it, my family knows it, my coworkers know it, heck I feel like people in outer space know it. For months I have been telling the same story over and over again and now, finally I can say, “Actually, I have some good news!” That’s right, as of today, my visa application is officially (finally) proceeding as normal! I plan on celebrating by going to bed early and bamishing the word “visa” from my vocabulary for at least 24 hours.



Another month has disappeared and suddenly it is April. It’s hard to believe how fast everything is moving when every day seems to stretch on forever. Tonight I’m taking one of my friends out to dinner to celebrate her graduation. It is raining right now, and snow is in the forecast next week but I can almost feel the ground coming back to life. Spring is close.


I made these mini lemon cakes for my mum and they were a big hit

Plus mug cake for me, this is the best vanilla mug cake I’ve ever made, it’s delicious with a little lemon curd

How can you not love the east coast when they make desserts like this

I’m reading the Tiger’s Wife for my lit class and it’s beautiful 

My new style Pinterest board

If you haven’t watched Numb3rs, you probably should

Poem of the week will follow, it is poetry month after all 🙂

Monday Afternoon

It’s the end of February already and we’re rushing towards March.

I have a new design project at the moment and I’ll give you a little hint by showing you one of my first mood board collages.


Clockwise from the top: Gaudi, Casa Mila; Melanie Bourget, Unnamed; Manola Valdés, Las Meninas; Olga Rozanova, Simultaneous Representations of a King of Hearts and a King of Diamonds

Outside of that, I have a new wrist brace, new nail polish and a lot of reading.


Until next time,



Printables and Links

I can’t believe that February is nearly over! I’ve been busy with my classes this week (as always). Taking two lit. classes gives one an incredible amount of reading, who knew?

I did want to take this opportunity to share my printable schedule that I use in my bullet journal/planner. It took me an embarrassing long time to make so, I’d like someone other than just me to get some use out of it. This semester, I have no classes on Friday so I made a four day version as well as a five day version.

4 Day Blank Schedule

5 Day Blank Schedule


I am in love with this photo shoot combining two of my favorite things (Misty Copeland and Degas)

I ordered a tube of Ultra Matte ColourPop lipstick (after seeing this instagram post) and I am very excited to see how it goes.

Speaking of, if you are at all interested in medicine or personal essays, I highly recommend LadyKay’s essays about her third year med school rotations.

I don’t usually go for chia recipes but I love pomegranate and pistachio so much that I’m willing to try this one

“Wet” walnuts on ice cream sundays are pretty much my childhood (though  I suspect the ones from Demoulas were not made with maple syrup)

In spite of my two lit. classes I’m still trying to make time for pleasure reading. At the moment it’s mostly middle grade and YA because they make me happy and I need a lit. break.


January and Poem of The Week

The month of January has been hard, but not as hard as December. The cold weather has finally set in and it wears me down as cold weather does. But there have also been good things. I’ve been taking an intensive course on International Maternal and Child Health which has been enjoyable, I have submitted my study abroad application for next year, and come April, I will be costuming a new show, as lead designer. Things are looking up though there is still a of of winter left to go. I only have one more week of classes before my week off, I want to make it a good one.


I’m starting valentines now in the hopes that I might finish them on time this year 🙂 My focus right now is on the language of flowers I’m primarily using Kate Greenaway’s “Language of Flowers” but I’ve also heard good things about “The Language of Flowers” edited by Miss Ildrewe

On the topic of Valentine’s Day, there’s also this link to instructions on how to make roses out of hard candy (which is exactly my kind of crazy) and a Red Velvet Fudge recipe

On the topic of fudge, now I want to make German Chocolate Fudge because it sounds amazing

For other food, things I want to make include, semolina pudding (which I remember from my childhood), this breakfast panzanella (I am literally always up for panzanella and have I mentioned how amazing Molly Yeh’s photography is?) and this recipe for sarson ka saag which I have never heard of before

On a completely different topic, I’ve started bullet journalling for real (as in I now know what it’s called). Sites I’m really loving for inspiration are Blue Paper Trail, Without Elephants, Boho Berry and Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

Continuing the school theme, I read some great articles for my class including this one on group prenatal care. I also discovered this public radio series on birth.

Poem of the Week:

Next Time Ask More Questions
Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952

Before jumping, remember
the span of time is long and gracious.

No one perches dangerously on any cliff
till you reply. Is there a pouch of rain

desperately thirsty people wait to drink from
when you say yes or no? I don’t think so.

Hold that thought. Hold everything.
When they say “crucial”—well, maybe for them?

Hold your horses and your minutes and
your Hong Kong dollar coins in your pocket,

you are not a corner or a critical turning page.
Wait. I’ll think about it.

This pressure you share is a misplaced hinge, a fantasy.
I am exactly where I wanted to be.

Copyright © 2015 by Naomi Shihab Nye. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on April 9, 2015, by the Academy of American Poets.