Printables and Links

I can’t believe that February is nearly over! I’ve been busy with my classes this week (as always). Taking two lit. classes gives one an incredible amount of reading, who knew?

I did want to take this opportunity to share my printable schedule that I use in my bullet journal/planner. It took me an embarrassing long time to make so, I’d like someone other than just me to get some use out of it. This semester, I have no classes on Friday so I made a four day version as well as a five day version.

4 Day Blank Schedule

5 Day Blank Schedule


I am in love with this photo shoot combining two of my favorite things (Misty Copeland and Degas)

I ordered a tube of Ultra Matte ColourPop lipstick (after seeing this instagram post) and I am very excited to see how it goes.

Speaking of, if you are at all interested in medicine or personal essays, I highly recommend LadyKay’s essays about her third year med school rotations.

I don’t usually go for chia recipes but I love pomegranate and pistachio so much that I’m willing to try this one

“Wet” walnuts on ice cream sundays are pretty much my childhood (though  I suspect the ones from Demoulas were not made with maple syrup)

In spite of my two lit. classes I’m still trying to make time for pleasure reading. At the moment it’s mostly middle grade and YA because they make me happy and I need a lit. break.